What an amazing week last week was. A lot of biggies. Not the least of which, the big game … for which I, apparently, cannot mention the actual name. Perhaps this will help you understand . . .


  • If you’re a boy or young man, the game taught you to work hard, do your best, and never give up
  • If you’re a girl or young woman, the half-time show taught you to be a stripper

* * * * *

Dear Uncle Earl … We are having a big fish fry this weekend out on the Colorado River in Blythe. I want to try a new peanut butter batter recipe. What kind of fish goes with peanut butter?

UNK: Jellyfish.


Dear Uncle Earl … I’m majoring in political science at Vermont University. I have a paper due and it’s a biggie. I need your guidance. What do you call a man who sides with a terrorist country against the United States?

UNK: Bernie Sanders.

Allow me to explain…

  • On the 4th of November 1979, 52 Americans were kidnapped and held hostage by Iran.
  • In 1980, Mr. Sanders aligned with the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), self-proclaimed Trotskyist revolutionaries. Sanders served as the SWP presidential elector in Vermont, campaigning for their candidates and causes.
  • In October of 1980, Sanders chaired the SWP meeting at the University of Vermont when SWP candidate for President, Andrew Pulley, condemned what they called anti-Iranian hysteria over U.S. hostages. They also condemned what they referred to as “[President]…Carter’s “war drive again the Iranian people.”
  • On January 21, 1981, 444 days after the hostage crisis began, our citizens were set free just a few hours after President Ronald Reagan delivered his inaugural address.

* * * * *


Whew! What a cluster joke. “Dysfunctional” would be uttering it mildly.

Mandy McClure, Communications Director of the Iowa Democratic Party indicated result delays were due to quality checks.

An app called, “IowaReporterApp”, was apparently created for use in the Iowa Caucus by Shadow Inc. The company’s CEO, Gerard Niemira, apparently previously worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign as their Director of Product.

Iowa Democratic Party Chair, Troy Price, stated “…officials have “every indication” the app was not hacked… but there were “inconsistencies” in the results, the underlying cause of which is “coding issues.”

And then, there’s Hillary’s 2016 campaign Manager, Robby Mook, whose job is to vet the Iowa results.

Outraged, Bernie’s people stormed out of the caucus, calling the process “a waste of time”.

* * * * *


I, of course, cannot judge whether Nancy Pelosi actually prayed for our President as she claimed. But, if she did, that’s a good thing for which I respect and thank her. She probably shouldn’t accompany Adam Schiff to his church, Our Lady of Prevarication.

* * * * *


            Not unexpectedly, the Senate acquitted Mr. T. of all charges in the impeachment folly. Why do I say, “not unexpectedly”? Because not a single shred of evidence had been submitted. In this country we do not find people guilty based on hearsay and a difference of opinion. But, of course, that’s not the way radical liberal leftist leaders see it because in their apparent desired form of jurisprudence (communism), people are guilty until proven innocent.

Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the acquittal:  “… Republican senators swore an oath to defend the constitution. Today, 52 of them voted to betray this oath. We are entering dangerous territory for our democracy.”

Hillary … dahling … do you not remember your husband being acquitted by Democrat senators, despite being found guilty of an actual crime?

* * * * *


            My family includes liberals. I have liberal friends and colleagues. We all get along. We discuss issues without foul language and gross stupidity. Differences of opinion are usually… what is the best way to solve a problem or meet a need?

Kevin Oxley, lead protagonist in my novel, WILD BLUE: Saving The World with Duct Tape and WD-40, likes to make homemade bumper stickers. I asked him to make one for me and my Democrat friends. He did a superb job:

Democrats Are Good People, but

Current Democrat Leaders Suck.

* * * * *


Pennsylvania Lori sent us a gift box of luscious baklava for Christmas. This was a biggie, ‘cause we love it. But the package arrived with no card and no indication of who sent it.

I sent an email query and she responded, “Yes, it was from us. It should have had a Merry Christmas card but that might have been censored. Next year I’ll send cookies decorated with the Betsy Ross flag.”

* * * * *


            Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh received the  Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Trump. An honor truly deserved, Mr. Limbaugh, quite possibly, saved our Democracy.


            My sports hero is Patrick Mahomes, the simply amazing quarterback for our team, the Kansas City Chiefs. If you haven’t seen him play, you are missing miracles. He can look one way while throwing the ball the other way. We were so depressed when the Chiefs were losing badly with time ticking down in the fourth quarter. Mahomes lead them to score three touchdowns in less than five minutes and ended up winning one of the greatest big games ever!

            Oops, sorry, I got carried away and didn’t tell you about the great big present my wife got me for Christmas. I put everything on as soon as I opened it Christmas morning. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a football, so we had to play reindeerball.

* * * * *


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