As I am writing this, the soon-to-be-former Washington Redskins (professional football) have not yet announced their new “non-racist” team name. There’s been a lot of discussion about the importance of having an appropriate name for a team that represents our nation’s capital. Personally, I think the most suitable name would be the Washington Idiots.

            Other ideas for a new team name also come to mind. Howsabout… The Supremes? No, that would work better for a basketball team. Because they use a court.

            Perhaps something more political… like… uh… the Trumpsters!

            Or… the Screaming Pelosis!

            Maybe we could use that red state/blue state thing and have a rotating team name which changes after each Presidential election. So, when the President is a Democrat, the team is the Washington Blues. And when our President is a Republican, the team is the Washington Reds.

           Naw… Don’t like that. Are you aware that the whole “Red State” – “Blue State” thing is subtle mainstream media brainwashing? Back in the early 60s when color television became popular, a “red” was slang for a communist. So the network CBOs (Chief Brainwashing Officers) all decided that Republican States had to be portrayed as red. And Democrat states were portrayed as blue, because humans automatically find blue to be trustworthy.

            But back to the name game. Here’s some fairly obvious possibilities for a team representing our seat of government:

  • The Washington Liars
  • The Washington Graft
  • The Washington Crime Families

            Alright, alright, alright . . .  I’ve got it. Here’s what we do. We actually change the name of Washington D.C. to Washington S.C. in order to reflect the perfect new name for the team: the Washington Swamp Creatures!

* * * * *

Newport Mike won the autographed copy of Wayne McFarland’s book, Tales From The Day, by being my first subscriber to email me these two words: Alley Oop.

            That’s the answer to the question “Who’s the King of the Jungle Jive?” I received correct answers from all over the country (and even from other countries) but Mike must have responded within a minute of receiving the blog post!

He shore is hip, ain‘t he? Look at that caveman go!”

* * * * *

            My blog posts are not about books, but… I read a lot… and sometimes I get excited and want to share. I just finished On The Road With The Oak Ridge Boys, written by Joseph S. Bonsall, tenor of the group. He chronicles forty years of true-life tales collected while touring the world. His book is a totally engrossing, heartfelt, entertaining read.

            With twenty-five #1 hits, you might already know the “Oaks” well. But, even if you don’t pay attention to music, it’s probably impossible to have not heard their mega-hit, Elvira.

            Joe said I could use anything I want from his book, so here’s one of my favorite stories:

“Curly [the Oaks bus driver] found out that Olivia Newton-John was about to go on tour and might need a bus. We didn’t have many dates at the time, so Curly leased our bus to Olivia. But there was a catch. We didn’t have a bathroom on board … Curly had a bathroom built for Olivia, and she leased our bus for several months … When returned to us after Olivia’s tour, we had a full-fledged bathroom. We, of course, named it the Olivia-Newton John.

* * * * *

            The hit song Alley Oop (1960) and the hit song Elvira (1981) were both created by the same songwriter. The first reader to send me that songwriter’s name at will win my copy of On The Road With The Oak Ridge Boys. I’ll even autograph it if you want (hey, it’s my own used book.) But if I do autograph it, I’ll have to print my name because I still haven’t learned cursive.

* * * * *

“If it causes offense that I say that ‘all lives matter’ — black lives, white lives, police officers, jurists, all of us, even politicians, all of our lives matter — if that is somehow offensive to someone, that’s their issue, not mine.”

— African-American Senator Tim Scott

(Mr. Scott would be an awesome running mate for Donald Trump!)

* * * * *

QUESTION: Why are so many thousands of people in California signing a proposition to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom?

ANSWER: Same reason so many people in Seattle are signing to recall Mayor Jenny Durkan. They’re fed up with “leaders” who ignore the Constitution and the law in favor of their own failed idiotology.

* * * * *

Bikers of the Purple Sage

Brother Alan and Sister Cherl shared this with us over a plate of angel hair, Italian sausage, and delicious homemade spaghetti sauce

The small Wyoming town where they live received advance warning that a group of BLM protestors was headed their way.

Some protesters were local, but most flew in or drove in from other places.

When all those protestors arrived in town, they found the courthouse, the veteran memorial, and the city park surrounded by bikers from seven different motorcycle clubs.

Walking down Main street, the protestors found men with rifles and sidearms standing in front of local businesses. Those men just nodded greetings and smiled. A “tourist” (an obvious plant) loudly accused one of them of being a racist.

He gently replied, “No ma’am, I am not a racist. I am merely protecting my store.”

The protestors started chanting, “No lives matter until black lives matter.” An organizer quietly said something to the protestors. They stopped chanting and dispersed.

The protestors left town.

No damage. No harm. No foul. True story.

* * * * *

MINNEAPOLIS QUESTION: The last Republican Mayor of Minneapolis left office in 1973 and Minneapolis has been under liberal leftist rule for 47 years, so why does the radical liberal left blame the homemade Minneapolis Democrat systemic racism on President Trump?

* * * * *


  • Why are Minneapolis city council woman Lisa Bender and her fellow travelers whose “leadership” created their city’s problems calling for a “Police free future”? Isn’t that kinda-sorta like the Lord of the Manor blaming the serfs for his own stupidity?
  • Why do more men and boys from Minneapolis join or attempt to join foreign terrorist organizations (ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc.) than from any other city in the United States?
  • Because of her remarks, many Americans believe Minneapolis Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to be anti-Semitic. These are two questions she should answer:
    • Does that mean you think Hitler’s actions were justified?
    • Or do you choose to believe the holocaust never happened?

* * * * *

            Kevin Oxley, hero of my novel, WILD BLUE: Saving the World with Duct Tape and WD-40, sent me his latest homemade bumper sticker, dedicated to Jenny Durkan and all those peaceful Seattle protesters.

* * * * *

* * * * *

“May the Lord keep you — and our country — safe from the fascist protesters, the anti-American educational elite, and their Communist rulers.”

—Uncle Earl

* * * * *


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