Blind Spots

First released last year under a different title, this is still the most-read UERT post, ever. We are doing this timely repeat posting because our many new subscribers have never read it, and the 2019 PGA Championship starts this Thursday, May 16. Hopefully, you will be stirred by what many consider to be an important, thought-provoking message. Some updates have been added so, even if you read it last year, please read again. It will be worth your while.

* * * * *

My wife and I spent four days watching the man perform, praying and hoping he would succeed. Millions upon millions of Americans joined us. On the last day we cheered, clapped, and woo-hooed as we sat in front of our TVs. I even cried a bit when he finally won. Out on the course, thousands of people who loved him shouted, “Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!”

On Sunday, September 23, 2018, Tiger Woods made the greatest comeback in sports history. Through exhausting rehab and superhuman dedication, he overcame four surgeries and years of pain to win the 2018 PGA Tour Championship.

Thankfully, not a single TV commentator ruined it by referencing the amount of melanin in Tiger’s skin. Tiger isn’t a great black golfer. He is a great golfer, period.

The vast, overwhelming majority of those millions of people cheering for Tiger are white. And they don’t give a rat’s asterisk what color his skin is.

* * * * *

Contrast the above with TV coverage of the 2016 Olympic games when the TV commentators couldn’t stop raving about a particular female athlete being the first black woman to win her event.

I found it disgusting. The story wasn’t the color of her skin. The story was her hard work, determination, and skill. When will media get it? Nobody cares about melanin except the “mainstream” media and their liberal comrades.

Making skin color the Olympic “story” insinuated that…

  1. The Olympics is racist … and/or
  2. The U.S. team is racist … and/or
  3. Black women aren’t very good athletes

Demonstrably, none of the above is true. The lady deserved to be applauded and lauded for what she accomplished. Period. Not for the color of her skin.

* * * * *

Most Americans (of all hues) would really appreciate it if you media folks would just drop your agenda.

Colin Powell is an awesome leader, period

Denzel Washington is an awesome actor, period

Michael Jordan is an awesome basketball player, period

Oprah Winfrey is an awesome TV Host and philanthropist, period

Benjamin Carson is an awesome surgeon and member of the President’s cabinet, period

 * * * * *

Perhaps it’s reflective of the liberal media’s never-ending effort to create racial division in our country. Or, perhaps the problem is simply that some TV commentators lack talent, so they must fall back on race because that requires neither creativity nor intellect.

Oh, and one more thought: if you TV folks really feel compelled to add a modifier to someone’s accomplishment, howsabout… American? (As in, an awesome American Golfer / Actor / Leader, etc.)

* * * * *

Oh boy… here I go again, stepping on sacred toes. Now, after you take these three simple tests (immediately below) don’t you go getting mad at me. If you answer honestly and don’t like your answer… figure out who’s really to blame.

The National Racism Test — Part 1:

  1. Did you not vote for Obama because of the color of his skin? If so… that is racist.
  2. Did you vote for Obama because of the color of his skin? If so… that is racist.

The National Sexist Test:

  1. If you would not vote for a candidate simply because the candidate is a woman… that is sexist.
  2. If you would vote for a candidate simply because the candidate is a woman… that is sexist.

The National Racism Test — Part 2:

    Two of the organizations listed below are real. One is make-believe. Analyze and verbalize how you feel about these. Listen to yourself talk.

  • United Negro College Fund
  • White People’s College Fund
  • National Hispanic College fund

* * * * *

Recently, I listened to a religious “round-table discussion” on a Christian radio station, as officers and notable pastors from a huge, nation-wide, primarily white, Christian denomination discussed their upcoming national conference. The denomination president said, “I am proud to announce that 98% of all contracts for our conference, including transportation, hotels, catering, electrical, sound, video, photography, printing, furnishings, parking, and security have been placed exclusively with white-owned businesses.” All those white Christian leaders at the table cheered.


My wife and I watched a nationally-televised holiday parade which included a float honoring the best white musicians from white colleges all over the United States. The TV announcers fell all over themselves because of such wonderfulness.


Both of the above are true … except … it was black colleges, black musicians, and a black Christian denomination. I know some of the people involved. Really good people. It never occurred to any of them that they were being racist.

Racism starts at home. Without clear thinking.

* * * * *

In closing… for my entire life I have been grateful that my mother and father raised me to be color-blind. Our mixed, loving, supportive family gets along, has fun, and is able to discuss issues without resorting to lying, twisting truth, and calling people names. Our family includes liberals, conservatives, different (or no) religions, ethnic minorities, foreign languages, straight, gay, and even a Hell’s Angel biker. This is all true. Try it. You’ll like it.

And, of course, I am the token Neanderthal.

* * * * *


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