I absolutely agree that black lives matter! Just as much as white lives! Brown lives! Blue lives! All lives! I am sorry if truth offends uninformed NBA and NFL knee-takers, but remember, your ignorance is self-inflicted. By the way… any of you multi-millionaires who are threatening to quit playing your game OMG! I am so worried about that. Not.

            You nutjobs embracing murder, arson, looting, etc. should realize you are not endearing anyone to your cause. Unless your “cause” is to grow your violent, stupid, Communist revolution. (Hmm … is that why Joe Biden refuses to condemn your actions?)

            As for mainstream media, you saying protestors are mostly peaceful is kinda like saying cannibals are mostly vegan.

            If you haven’t yet bothered to do even a little bit of research, you really should consider doing so. (But, then again, it’s only our country that’s at stake.) This is all about coercing us into Marxism, and not at all about civil rights. In this age of digital research, it’s neither difficult nor time consuming to find truth. Please do.

            Maybe you’ll realize you are supporting rent-a-mobs.

* * * * *

            My hometown is the little desert farm community of Blythe, California. In my early childhood we didn’t have air conditioning or television, and the nearest town in any direction was a hundred miles away. My childhood was safe and secure, with good friends and good schools, but, around the Southwest I and other people in Blythe had a reputation for being uneducated country bumpkins.

            When I was a kid in Blythe, we always sang a patriotic song at the beginning of each school day. Until about the fifth grade, I thought the name of my country was “Tis of thee”.

            For years now, I’ve been telling you about Blythe, out there in the middle of the Mojave desert. Recently, one of my old high school buds pointed out that Blythe is in the middle of the Sonoran desert. Obviously, even now, as an adult, I still didn’t know where I lived.

            I wonder how that uneducated bumpkin reputation got started.

* * * * *

            Kevin Oxley, the hero of my novel, WILD BLUE: Saving the World With Duct Tape and WD-40, sent me his latest homemade bumper sticker . . .


Instead of tearing down statues,

wouldn’t it be more helpful to

tear down crack houses?

* * * * *

            Hey, I just received a letter from my Aunt Mabel who still lives with her family in Blythe. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share it with you . . .

Dear You Are Ell,

[Aunt Mabel doesn’t understand the difference between Earl and URL.]

            I’m sorry but, I’m writing to you with sad news. The Blythe Zoo had to shut down. The chicken died.

            Of course, the zoo’s still got their black widow spider and the horned toad, but those are just rotating exhibits that come and go and, heck, you can see their relatives all over town. I guess all that ancient sand left in the zoo is gonna be donated to the Blythe museum. Least that’s what I heard from the Director, Quentin Tarantula.

            Did you know that your niece Clarabelle had her latest baby at Walmart? That’s cuz she saw their sign that said, Free Delivery. Clarabelle decided she ain’t ever even gonna try to make Kool-Aid for her ten kids. She jist can’t figger out how to add two quarts a water in that little envelope.

            Well, I best close fer now. Yore Unkel Jethro’s nose is bleedin again. Everday he tells folks that he’s gittin a nose job but, really, he just keeps steppin on that same rake.

* * * * *

            First, the New York Times said we don’t need Presidential debates. Now, Nancy Pelosi says she doesn’t think we should have Presidential debates. Ya don’t suppose, do ya… they’ve finally come to realize what the rest of the country has known for months? In a debate, Trump will wipe the floor with Biden.

            My belief is Democrat King Makers know Mr. Biden has virtually no chance of winning the election and they gave the nomination to him as a lovely parting gift for his fifty years of service to the party.

            I haven’t yet seen any Presidential debate rules posted anywhere. However, through my own anonymous sources I know Mr. Biden is being intensely prepped just in case they can’t squirrel their way out of debating. I was leaked a copy of the ten point debate guideline they have prepared for Joe:

  1. When you can’t refute the truth, talk louder.
  2. If that doesn’t work, shout.
  3. If that doesn’t work, shout louder using obscene language.
  4. If that doesn’t work, shout louder using obscene language while calling people racists.
  5. If that doesn’t work, we’ll pay more criminals to riot, loot, burn, and murder
  6. If that doesn’t work, we’ll pay more criminals to riot, loot, burn, murder, and blame Trump.
  7. If that doesn’t work, we’ll defund more police departments, and set more convicts free.
  8. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have all of mainstream media report how brilliant you are, even if you can’t put three sentences together in logical order… you know… the thing.
  9. If that doesn’t work, don’t worry Joe, ‘cause we’ve already appointed a woman of color (but not African-American, because we can’t tell the difference) to take over when we declare you mentally incompetent.
  10. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll just get Communist China to endorse you and give your son another billion dollars.

* * * * *

            Joe Biden recently stated that President Trump is going to cut Social Security. (Mr. Biden really did say that.) The trouble is, the Democrat party has been saying that before just about every Presidential election for the last 60+ years, even though it’s never been true, and still isn’t. Perhaps it’s time you guys got a new playbook?

            The reality is that Joe Biden, himself, has been saying for forty years that he wants to freeze or cut Social Security. (Look it up!)

* * * * *

            You do know, don’t you, that at the Democrat National Convention they—twice—purposely omitted “under God” because they didn’t want to offend their followers?

            This is the end of this blog post, but, if this was the end of the Democrat National Convention, I’d say, “Let’s close with a prayer.” And I’d get booed off the stage.

            I’ll leave you with another new Kevin Oxley bumper sticker. (And, FYI, I always pray when I send out a new post.)


Biden Lies Matter

* * * * *


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