Cali Crazy — Important!

I had no intention of sending out another blog posting so quickly, but I was just asked to help publicize a statewide California protest this coming Tuesday, February 19.

If you are a parent or grandparent of a child in California—or if you know someone who is—PLEASE share this information with family, friends, and colleagues, as well as spiritual and civic organizations in California. If you can act right now, perhaps churches can notify their congregations this Sunday.

Read the letter below (written by Informed Parents of California) to get a fuller understanding of the situation. By doing a simple “copy & paste” and then filling in a couple of blanks, you may use this letter to notify your child’s school principal. Sending via email will, obviously, get it there quickly.

Dear Principal:

This letter is to inform you that my child(ren) __________________________________ will be participating in a statewide Sex Ed Sit Out on February 19, 2019, and will not be attending school. Do not collect ADA funds in my child’s name.

Parents and concerned citizens all over California are taking action today against the sexualization and indoctrination of our children in state schools. We have read the proposed health framework and reviewed ALL of the AB-329 compliant curricula. We are outraged! 

Pornographic, age-inappropriate (as young as 5 years old), highly-biased and medically inaccurate instruction is being implemented across our state under the guise of health education. The state is indoctrinating our children in scientifically unsubstantiated gender theory, from which parents cannot opt them out. Children are taught negotiation skills for consent to sex. They are instructed in their rights to confidential reproductive health services and directed to local Planned Parenthood clinics for abortion, birth control and STI testing without parental notice. Some children have even been prescribed puberty blockers for gender transition–again, unbeknownst to their parents. 

We’ve been forced to coach our children to fight for bodily privacy after the shock of seeing kids of the opposite biological sex in their school bathrooms. We’ve seen the schools’ plans to assist students in social and medical gender transition. We’ve fought the revisionist history texts upholding a known pedophile as a social justice hero. We’ve moved our kids to charter schools for educational freedom, only to have the state extend their smothering mandates there.  

The family is the first cell of a stable civil society. PARENTS have a sovereign right and responsibility to raise their offspring in accord with their values. Children, our most precious gifts, deserve to be protected against a socio-political agenda encompassing big pharma, the abortion industry and radical transgender activists. The architects of this agenda aim to profit from an impressionable “market” and instill, in children, a disturbing sexual ideology at the expense of sexual, mental, physical, spiritual and psychological health. We consider this state-sanctioned sexual exploitation of minors.

Parents are not being informed of the true nature of the controversial, graphic, gender-experimentation being taught to kids. Administrators are hiding behind deceptive denials of responsibility and false claims that elementary grade implementation is required by law in order to dismiss parent concern for clearly offensive and age-inappropriate content. We have been ignored by our school boards, superintendents and activist legislators, despite producing clear and compelling evidence of medical inaccuracies within the lesson content. Our public servants dismiss our well-founded assertions that the heavy-handed legislative mandates violate parents’, students’ and teachers’ First Amendment conscience protections. The Dept. of Education tried to derail parents who travelled a great distance to Sacramento from making public comment at public meetings.  

Today, we send this message, loud and clear: We declare, as parents, that we preside over the decisions about our child(ren)’s education and welfare. If you won’t hear us in your offices, your boardrooms and in Sacramento; recognize this–we will stop at nothing to protect our kids!  

No students=No schools.   


A California Parent

* * * * *

While you’re at it … you might consider forwarding this post to everyone you know throughout the U.S.A. Because … no matter how crazy … what happens in California often takes root elsewhere in the country. God help us.

* * * * *


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