Email to My Former Best Friend

Below is the complete text of an actual email I sadly sent, just three days ago, to a former dear friend. I’ve changed his/her name to the androgynous “Pat”, in order to protect the guilty. I say former dear friend because, with that email, I canceled our friendship. After I got tired of being called a liar, racist, Nazi, etc.

* * * * *

Hi Pat. Hope this message finds you and yours healthy and happy.
            Regarding your comment on my most recent post, “Out of the Bag”, you are correct. I did make a mistake when I stated, “Mr. Trump’s policies gave the United States the lowest unemployment rates in history.” In my haste to send out a timely post re the disgusting situation in Seattle, my statement was a misrepresentation.

Mr. Trump did remarkably lower the unemployment rate for most sectors of the population, including Blacks, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, Women, etc. to the lowest level in fifty years (not in “history”). I apologize for that misinformation and, as I said, will put a correction in the next post. Thank you for pointing out my error.

Pat, the remainder of that post was true. The fact that you didn’t like the facts doesn’t stop them from being facts.

The state of Washington and the City of Seattle are ruled by radical liberal left Democrats. Jay Inslee, the Governor of the State of Washington is a Democrat. The last Republican Governor of Washington left office in 1985. Jenny Durkan, the mayor of Seattle is a Democrat. The last Republican Mayor of Seattle left office in 1969. The entire state has been run according to radical liberal leftist beliefs and policies for at least 35 years. And yet… they want to blame their failures on President Trump!

A large portion of Seattle has been taken over by armed domestic terrorists and leftist “leaders” have, seemingly, not posted any objection to that looting, rioting, hurting people, and stealing property.
I wonder… does any radical liberal leftist ever take a look at the mess they’ve created and think, “Hmm… wonder if maybe I should change my opinion on that?” Or is being true to one’s radical left ideology just more important than silly ol’ truth and consequences?

Commenting on my post, “Forensic Examination of Sanctuary States”, You wrote this to me:

 “I would make a lengthy reply to this but don’t have the time. Most of this is misrepresentation if not outright lies. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Pat, the truth is: You didn’t make a lengthy response because you couldn’t. It was all factual. So you resorted to this standard radical liberal left reaction (coincidentally, also the same game plan as Communism): when you can’t refute the facts, you shout obscenities and call people names. You know this and I know this. Shouldn’t that embarrass you? At least a little bit?

You also commented on these items I posted:

            By 1860, slavery had been eliminated in most of the Western world, being still legal only in Cuba, Brazil, and Southern U.S. states.
            Southern Democrats had more money invested in slaves ($3 Billion) than the entire United States of America had invested in railroads ($1.166 Billion), manufacturing ($1.05 Billion), and banks ($227 Million) combined.
            Only 25% of southern white families owned slaves. But, 100% of slave owners were Democrats. Poor southern men fought the civil war for the benefit of rich southern men. On the other side, 400,000 Republican volunteers were killed fighting to free slaves.
            After the civil war ended, the Democrat party continued fighting against African-American civil rights for another hundred years.

             Your comment on the above was that I am a liar and all of those facts are Republican lies. (I’m not positive, but I think that might also have been one of the times you called me a racist.) Whew. Pat… you are smart enough and educated enough to know all of the above is absolutely true, factual, history. But, if—for some bizarre reason—you don’t know U.S. history, wouldn’t it make more sense for you to do some research before you shout obscenities and call people ugly names?
            Pat, do you really not know that Democrats (and only Democrats) fought the civil war to continue owning slaves? Do you really not know that Ku Klux Klan members were Democrats? Do you really not know that all early African-American Senators and Congressmen were Republicans? Do you really not know that the Democrat party fought against integration and equal rights until the mid-1960s, when it became no longer politically expedient? Do you really not know that Hillary Clinton’s political mentor and hero was the famous Klan leader, Senator Robert Byrd?

            In conclusion, I want you to know that I pray for you almost every day, my friend, and will continue to do so into the future. Because you are no longer a believer, I assume your “deity” to be your radical liberal left ideology. Rest assured, my God is much stronger and much truer than yours. I hope to see you again when we go to our final rewards.
            It appears you have become just another ordinary, everyday, radical liberal leftist whose automatic response to truth, facts, and history is to shout obscenities and call people names. I believe the reason you get so angry at truth is because you know you’re living a lie.

As a result of the blatantly false things you write to me and say about me, you no longer have any intellectual credibility with me. Accordingly, I have unsubscribed you from my blog posts and marked your emails as junk. I hope you have a good rest of your life.

* * * * *

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