Forensic Examination

As I write this, I feel a great need for urgency because in only 4,104 days, five hours, two minutes, and seventeen seconds, the world comes to an end.

Our formerly United States of america have eight self-declared sanctuary states: California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, and Vermont. Liberal university professors teach malleable young minds that sanctuary states are “a fascinating case of federal vs. states’ rights.” Let’s dissect this . . .

If a state declares every citizen must carry a loaded Glock 19 at all times, that would be acceptable as states’ rights … right?

A liberal response would be… “That idea is stupid, dangerous, and would never be allowed to happen.”  The majority of Americans, however, believe sanctuary states are stupid, dangerous, and should never have been allowed to happen.

Ask yourself: Do states’ rights apply only to illegal radical liberal causes?

* * * * *

In the mid-20th century, as we approached the end of the Democratic party’s hundred years of fighting against civil rights, Southern Democrat politicians (and some racist Republican colleagues) defied federal law and refused to racially integrate. They justified their illegal actions by claiming—you guessed it—states’ rights. It took military force to overcome the breakdowns of law and order caused by states’ rights.

Ask yourself: If states’ rights weren’t right then, why would they be right today?

* * * * *

The Code of Laws of the United States (U.S.C.) is the official compilation of our nation’s statutes. The law is clear: Immigration is solely the purview and responsibility of our federal government.

Ask yourself: How dare radical liberal leftists presume they know better?

* * * * *

Title 8, U.S.C. § 1324(a) prohibits … “concealing or harboring unauthorized aliens, encouraging or inducing unauthorized aliens to enter the United States … or aiding and abetting any of the preceding acts.” Penalties include … “maximum term of imprisonment is 5 years, unless the offense was committed for commercial advantage or private financial gain, in which case the maximum term of imprisonment is 10 years.  Moreover, if the violation results in the death of any person, the defendant may be punished by death …”

Ask yourself: Should law-breaking politicians spend their next term in prison? What about the ones who protect murderers?

* * * * *

The Five Proudest Achievements of Sanctuary State “Leaders”:

  1. Sanctuary States Destroy Health Care
    • American hospitals are in financial trouble; many are already out of business
    • Emergency rooms cannot legally turn anyone away, for any reason
    • Illegal aliens know this and use hospital emergency rooms like free clinics
    • They do not pay their emergency room bills
      • Hospital costs for Citizens, therefore, must be increased
    • Illegal alien medical care costs each state $1 Billion to $9 Billion every year
      • Taxpaying citizens pay those bills
    • Without illegal aliens, U.S. medical care would be more affordable and efficient
    • Illegals are the elephant in the emergency room (ignored by radical liberals)
  2. Sanctuary States Destroy Public Education
    • I don’t know about your state, but California law requires citizen to pay for the education of illegal alien children
    • 15-18% of California public school students are illegal aliens or their offspring
      • Most of those students require a translator, paid for by citizens
      • California median annual wage for a Spanish translator is $53,840
    • Illegal alien students cost California taxpayers $15 Billion each year
    • Without the requirement to educate illegal alien children, education costs would plummet and education quality would soar
  3. Sanctuary States Destroy Lives
    • Statistics clearly demonstrate that crime increases in Sanctuary States & Cities
    • A few factual examples of illegal alien crime in Sanctuary Cities (there are many more):
      • A woman jogging in a park, strangled and raped by a known illegal alien criminal, would still be alive if police had been allowed to arrest him for being here illegally
      • A drunk-driving illegal alien, deported multiple times, caused a fatal car crash and escaped below the border because police were not allowed to hold him for ICE
      • A mother of two, stabbed to death in her own home by an Illegal alien known to police, would be alive but for sanctuary rules preventing police from arresting him.
    • Two million illegal aliens in our country are criminals known to ICE
      • Sanctuary states & cities protect them from arrest and prosecution
  4. Sanctuary States Are A Root Cause Of Our Drug Pandemic
    • Our country averages 198 illegal drug overdose deaths every day (CDC)
    • Illegal drugs continuously come across our border, brought in by illegal aliens
    • U.S. drug deaths exceed firearm deaths, but there is no outcry from anti-gun liberals
  5. Sanctuary States Support Human Trafficking
    • 10,000 girls and young women are smuggled into our country every year
      • Until rescued (or murdered) they live a miserable life of forced prostitution
    • U.S. states with the most human trafficking are California, New York, and Texas
      • California is a liberal leftist Democrat-controlled sanctuary state
      • New York is a liberal leftist Democrat-controlled state
      • Texas shares a 2,000-mile border with Mexico

Ask yourself: Can we not see cause and effect here?

* * * * *

We have the unmitigated right to control our borders and deny the privilege of living in the United States to people who thumb their nose at our laws. You know… the ones who fly their home country flag, but claim it is harsh treatment to be deported back there. (Oh boy… now I need to be on the lookout for the Political Correctness Police.)

Ask Yourself: Do we need comprehensive immigration reform? Or do we just need to enforce our laws?

* * * * *

Radical liberals declare it repulsively illegal when a bakery owner and a county clerk (based on religious belief) chose to ignore a federal law. But those very same radical leftists see nothing wrong with entire states brazenly violating multiple federal laws, resulting in misery and death.

Ask yourself: “How hypocritical can they get?”

* * * * *

Sanctuary states shield millions of illegals from deportation, a large number of whom have criminal histories, and/or outstanding felony warrants. The actual number doesn’t matter. Anyone who has lost a child, sibling, or parent to an illegal alien doesn’t base their horror and endless sorrow on a statistic. One illegal alien killing one child should be enough for everyone to say, “Enough!”

Ask yourself: What part of “dead” do liberal anarchist politicians not understand?

* * * * *

Ask yourself: Why would any public servant be in favor of unlimited illegal immigration?

Below are the only answers I can think of:

  • Humanitarianism
    • Nope. Demonstrably, those millions of illegal aliens are not refugees.
  • Wealth
    • Is it possible drug cartels are paying off some of our politicians?
  • Power
    • Every sanctuary state and city was created by radical Democrats
      • If Republicans created sanctuary states and cities, I would be just as disgusted by them as I am by those radical leftists.
      • Regardless of party, I’d vote to them in prison.

Sanctuary state political “leaders”, please ask yourself: If I discover a hundred-thousand citizens in my state are pedophiles, drug dealers, and murderers, will I make certain they are never arrested so long as they continue to vote for me? Or do you only do that for illegal aliens?

Ask yourself: If politicians only protect illegal aliens, doesn’t that make them racist?

* * * * *

Although we are a nation of laws, it is obvious we now have two classes of people who are exempt from the law: illegal aliens and criminal politicians.

Ask yourself: How do they keep getting away with this?

* * * * *

Contrary to the ideological bile spewed by ivy-covered professors, I do not find sanctuary states to be a “fascinating case of federal vs. states’ rights”. I find sanctuary states to be the product of unprincipled, dishonest, megalomaniac politicians pandering to hoped-for illegal alien votes by criminally ignoring our laws and dictating that outrageously expensive, dangerous, and sometimes deadly living conditions must be inflicted upon U.S. citizens . . . for the sole purpose of increasing political power.

Ask yourself: How could I not be disgusted?

* * * * *

I believe in and follow the law, our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights (those documents which protect us from tyranny). I believe in critical thinking to arrive at truth and reality. I do not believe in uneducated loyalty to anyone’s party line. I am not a conservative. I am not a liberal. I am a normal everyday citizen of the greatest country on earth (to clarify for radical liberals… that country is the United States of America).

Ask yourself: How do those power-mad, death-dealing, radical creepers sleep at night?

* * * * *


P.S.—This post consists of excerpts from my 4,500-word article, Ask Yourself.

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