Going Viral?

Imagine a nationwide chain of hospitals run by the National Hospital Collaboration (NHC). Their carefully-crafted image makes them appear as American as baseball and apple pie. They even have a flag-raising ceremony every day for the American flag.

Then, a handful of their rich doctors create their own virus which gives them and their hospitals a foul stench. The stinky doctors won’t stop doing this because they like all the attention. The disgusting smell saturates the entire NHC. Patients stop going to those hospitals.

NHC officials say, “Well, we can’t fire the stinking doctors because this is a personal freedom issue.” But the hospitals still smell like rotten eggs and more people stop going to them.

NHC leadership says, “Maybe we should let each hospital decide whether to get rid of the offensive doctors.” That merely creates more patients who are even more revolted by the spineless NHC officials.

“Hey,” I know…” says a liberal television executive. “We just won’t allow the smell, or the raising of the flag, to be mentioned or shown on our TV coverage of the hospitals. What Americans don’t know won’t hurt them. And besides, I don’t like apple pie anyway.”

And even more Americans become disgusted.

Oh say… does the star-spangled banner still wave over the land of the free and the home of the brave? Yes. Except in the National Hospital Collaboration.

* * * * *

    FYI… in case you’re not a football fan, the above analogy is related to my post from a couple of weeks ago: A Brief History of the NFL. That post is still generating extremely positive email responses. Obviously, a nerve has been smacked.
Several readers said it should go viral. As I know nothing about either Facebook or going viral (because I am a techno-idiot), I asked my blogsitemasterperson (or whatever you call such guys) to fill-in my blanks.
Accordingly, I am reprising (by popular demand) A Brief History of the NFL, with additional disgust-generated facts. A lot of people believe this is important to our country:

  • Constitutional Right?
    • Some NFL players believe they have a constitutional right to express themselves on the football field. Really? Perhaps you are both rich and ignorant. You are merely an employee of a company. Do you think dishonoring your country, in your employer’s business, in front of your customers, would be allowed if you had a real job at some other company? Get over yourself.
  • A bit of perspective:
    • 86% of Republicans and 29% of Democrats say it is never appropriate to kneel during the national anthem.
  • Follow the money:
    • In the last two decades, about $7 Billion of our taxes (yours and mine) has been spent on NFL stadiums.
    • The NFL is a cash cow for TV networks. They make more than $3 Billion a year from NFL coverage. Might that influence a decision? Just sayin’…
      • The TV networks have, generally, decided not to broadcast the national anthem prior to the start of NFL games.
      • The networks have also, generally, decided not to show the angry fans who are booing the players who take a knee.
  • Owners Position?
    • Some NFL owners have said they would like players to stand for the national anthem but, players’ causes should be supported. Really? I refer you to your own history (below).

2012 The league had issues with quarterback Tim Tebow, who kneeled in prayer on the football field and/or wore John 3:16 on his eye-black. Mainstream media and other “class-act” Radlibs© spewed hateful, personal attacks on him.

2013 Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall wore green football shoes in support of Mental Health Awareness Week. The NFL fined him for doing that.

2014 At a press conference, RG3 (Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III) wore a tee-shirt with this saying on it: Know Jesus, know peace. No Jesus, no peace. The NFL made him turn the shirt inside out.

2015 Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams lost his mother and four aunts to breast cancer. He wore a Find The Cure eye-black in a game. The NFL fined him for that.

2015 ­— The mother of William Gay (Steelers Cornerback) was shot and killed by his stepfather. William wore purple cleats in a game, in support of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The NFL fined him for that.

2016 — The Dallas Cowboys wanted to wear a helmet decal honoring five Dallas police officers who were murdered in an ambush. The NFL said, “Not allowed.”

2016 — Some players wanted to wear special football shoes commemorating the anniversary of 9/11. The NFL threatened to fine any players who did.

2016 – 2017 – 2018 — A couple of dozen NFL players repeatedly refuse to stand for the playing of our national anthem. The NFL does not penalize them

My personal takeaway from the above brief history lesson is that

“Freedom of Speech” in the NFL applies only to those rich players

who dishonor our flag, our national anthem, our country, and our heroes.

    Please forward this post to family and friends–especially those in the military. Or, perhaps it is more convenient to just tell them how important this might be, and send them this link: https://blog.earltrout.com/going-viral/

Bless you, my friend.

Maybe we can finally get the NFL to wake up and smell the disgust!

I’m done with the NFL. As for me and my house, we shall follow college football.

* * * * *
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