Grumpy Old White Guy

You probably know my background includes decades in major market broadcasting. Lately, I’ve been thinking about coming out of retirement. However… after reading this job posting (below) on a network website, I realize I’m no longer qualified.

POSITION: Network Anchor / News Personality

QUALIFICATIONS: Trustworthy suits, shirts, and ties. Ability to look into a television camera and appear confident, concerned, and believable while lying through beautiful teeth.

* * * * *

            A couple of weeks ago (before the latest California mountain fire) my wife and I took our little doggies up to Lake Arrowhead for a pleasant walk along that beautiful alpine lake. The water is so clear we could stand on the edge and watch the fish swimming about. One of the fish bumped into a cement wall and said, “Dam!”

* * * * *

Below is a copy of an email I sent to a Texas man. I’ll call him  Fred . . .

             Thank you for your email, Fred. I appreciate and respect honest communication. But I am puzzled by you calling me a grumpy old white guy.

            I am not at all grumpy. I’m one of the happiest persons you might ever know.

            I am (and have been my entire life) one-hundred-percent against racism and prejudice of any kind. I was a supporter and champion of my personal super hero Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I absolutely agree that black lives matter… just as equally as all other lives matter.

            My friends and family include virtually every racial group and every major religion. We all get along just fine. I love them all.

            My opinions are based on facts, truth, and realty, not any political party’s idiotology or propaganda.

            Why do I tell you this? Because you need to understand that BLM is not a civil rights group. If it were a civil rights group, I would support it. BLM is a Marxist organization devoted to tearing down the United States.

* * * * *

            The fact that I print truths in my blog posts, sometimes with a humorous or sardonic comment doesn’t make me grumpy. The fact that you don’t “get” the humor leads me to believe you may be one of those radical liberals I sometimes write about. A poorly developed sense of humor is a common trait among the radical left . . . especially that toxic inability to laugh at one’s own’s foibles.

            On the other hand, my opinions are blatantly subjective. In this great country of ours, you are always free to disagree with my (or anyone else’s) opinion. I encourage you to do so. But to simply dismiss truth, facts, and reality means you are choosing to live a life constrained by lies.

            If truth, facts, and reality make you angry, you really should identify who is responsible for those anger-inducers. Why would you get angry with me for presenting reality? That’s rather like the criminal in court who gets mad at a witness for speaking truth.

            The fact that you don’t like a fact doesn’t stop it from being a fact.

* * * * *

            Fred, we have a lot of troubled American cities where African-American citizens are marginalized (or worse). Please read the alphabetized list below and see if you can spot the common denominator.

ATLANTA: The last Republican Mayor left office in 1879. Atlanta has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 141 years.

BOSTON: The last Republican Mayor left office in 1930. Boston has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 90 years.

CHICAGO: The last Republican Mayor left office in 1931. Chicago has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 89 years.

DETROIT: The last Republican Mayor left office in 1962. Detroit has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 58 years.

HOUSTON: The last Republican Mayor left office in 1982. Houston has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 38 years.

MINNEAPOLIS: The last Republican Mayor left office in 1973. Minneapolis has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 47 years.

NEWARK: The last Republican Mayor left office in 1953. Newark has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 67 years.

PHILADELPHIA: The last Republican Mayor left office in 1952. Philadelphia has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 68 years.

PITTSBURGH: The last Republican Mayor left office in 1934. Pittsburgh has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 86 years.

PORTLAND, OR: The last Republican Mayor left office in 1980. Portland has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 40 years.

SAN FRANCISCO: The last Republican Mayor left office in 1964. San Francisco has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 56 years.

SEATTLE: The last Republican Mayor left office in 1969. Seattle has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 51 years.

ST. LOUIS: The last Republican Mayor left office in 1949. St. Louis has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 71 years.

WASHINGTON, D.C.: “Mayor” first became an elected office (instead of Presidential appointment) in 1975. No Republican Mayor has ever been elected in Washington D.C., which has been under liberal leftist Democrat rule for 45 years.

            Fred, I am confident you’ve spotted the common denominator in the above. I hope you realize there are many, many more American cities trapped in this same political quicksand.

            Please help me understand . . .  why does the radical left blame their totally homemade Democrat systemic racism on President Trump and Republicans?

            Isn’t it, perhaps, about time you voted for somebody other than those Democrat rulers who have gamed you for decades?

            Or are you a pinball wizard? (“That deaf, dumb, and blind kid.”)

* * * * *

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

—Albert Einstein

* * * * *

            Fred, are you not aware that those Democrat-controlled cities provide inner-city public school education that is just south of garbage? The only hope most inner-city parents have for their children to obtain a good education is a voucher system granting them the right to choose whichever school (public or private) they wish.
            However, Democrat rulers routinely block school vouchers. Just in case you don’t know why they do that: public school teacher unions donate about $30 Million a year to political parties. 95% of that money goes to Democrats. (5% goes to liberal Republicans and other swamp creatures.)

The Democrat rulers of those cities protect unionized public school teacher jobs by not allowing inner-city parents to choose any school other than their failed public school.

Meanwhile, the Demoncrat rulers place their own children in private schools.

What a muck bucket!

* * * * *

            Because you were a new subscriber, Fred, I assume you hadn’t read all the reality I’ve shared over many months. Please be brave enough to read the restatement of some facts below.  


  1. Fact: By 1860, slavery in the Western world was legal only in Cuba, Brazil, and the Southern United States.
  2. Fact: Just like my super-hero Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln changed our nation for the good, at great personal peril.
    1. Honest Abe set the slaves free and was murdered for doing so by pro-Confederate (presumably Democrat) John Wilkes Booth.
  3. Fact: Most public-school textbooks allot only a couple of sentences to Abraham Lincoln and ignore Democrat atrocities against African-Americans.
    1. That’s because Abe was a Republican and liberals run our education industry.
  4. Fact: At the outset of our Civil War, Democrats had more money invested in slaves ($3 Billion) than the entire United States of America had invested in railroads ($1.166 Billion), manufacturing ($1.05 Billion), and banks ($227 Million) combined.
  5. Fact: Democrats launched the Civil War for one reason: to continue owning slaves.
  6. Fact: 400,000 white Republican volunteers were killed fighting to free slaves.
  7. Fact: Almost 200,000 African-Americans joined the Union (Republican) Army during the Civil War and some 20,000 black sailors were in the Union (Republican) Navy.
    1. All volunteered to fight against the Democrat South.
    1. Sixteen African-Americans received the United States Medal of Honor.
  8. Fact: When defeat was near, the Confederate Congress (100% Democrat) passed a bill allowing slaves to fight for them. Well, golly gee there weren’t many takers.
    1. “Hey, I got an idea! Let’s give guns to our slaves and tell them to go fight a war so we can still own them!”
    2. The Democrat South used slaves for manual labor during the war, but very few slaves (if any at all) fought on behalf of their owners.
  9. Fact: After the war, the first black man ever elected to congress was a Republican.
    1. Thereafter… the next 22 black men elected to congress were all Republicans
    2. Thereafter… due to white Democrat laws in Southern states, blacks were prevented from voting and no black person was elected from a Southern Democrat state again for the next 72 years!
  10. Fact: After losing the war, Democrats enacted “Jim Crow” laws throughout the South as a way to turn former slaves (citizens) into indentured servants, thus allowing their former owners (Democrats) to prevent them from voting and becoming educated.
  11. Fact: Democrat Jim Crow laws controlled every aspect of African-American citizen lives, including where they lived, worked, shopped, ate, drank, and went to the bathroom.
  12. Fact: The despised policemen and judges enforcing those disgusting Jim Crow laws were former Confederate soldiers (Democrats).
  13. Fact: The Republican party platform of 1888 stated:  “…we send fraternal congratulations to our fellow Americans of Brazil upon their great act of emancipation, which completed the abolition of slavery throughout the two American continents. … We reaffirm our unswerving devotion to the National Constitution … and especially to the supreme and sovereign right of every lawful citizen, rich or poor, native or foreign born, white or black, to cast one free ballot in public elections, and to have that ballot duly counted.”
  14. Fact: Beginning right after the Civil War, and continuing for a hundred years, Democrats used the Ku Klux Klan as extralegal enforcers, lynching and terrorizing black citizens in order to “keep them in line”.
  15. Fact: Due to liberal bias in schools and liberal mass media propaganda, African-American resentment is frequently aimed in the wrong direction.

* * * * *

            I’m curious, Fred… which part of the above sounds like “justice” to you? And, while you’re trying to come up with a truthful, non-propaganda answer, please also explain why the radical liberal left simply ignores Democrat racism which continues to this very day with people like Joe Biden, Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, Louis Farrakhan, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Hillary Clinton (who still proudly boasts of her warm friendship with deceased KKK leader Robert Byrd)?

* * * * *

            By the way, Fred—reflecting back on your dislike of me because you say I am a grumpy old white guy—does that make you racist? Or, at the very least, prejudiced against the elderly?

            If I said I don’t like you because you’re a grumpy young black guy, wouldn’t you brand me as racist and prejudiced?

            Or do you believe (like far too many people in our country) that racism and prejudice only flow in one direction? If so, shame on you. It is time to grow up and deal with truth and reality instead of basing your life choices on radical liberal Leftist/Anarchist/Socialist/Marxist/Communist propaganda.

* * * * *

         Hmmm… on second thought… maybe I am a grumpy old white guy.

* * * * *

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”
—Isaac Asimov

* * * * *

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”

—Frank Zappa

* * * * *

“Truth requires neither shouting foul language nor arson.”

—Uncle Earl

* * * * *

“Don’t let your opinion exceed your knowledge.”

—Dr. Francis Noah Weksler

* * * * *

“The easiest person to con is yourself.”

—Kevin Oxley

* * * * *

“A closed mind opens no doors.”

—Theophilus Spivak

* * * * *

“Open your mind before your mouth.”


* * * * *

“The truth shall set you free.”

—Jesus the Christ

* * * * *


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