I Am So Confused

I know I’m not too astute when it comes to politics but, I really don’t understand this:

When Donald Trump ran for President of the United States, mainstream media and Democrats relentlessly complained about him being unqualified because he was just … a rich former television star.

Now, mainstream media and Democrats exuberantly proclaim Oprah Winfrey as extremely well-qualified to run for President because she is … a rich former television star.


* * * * *

I understand National Pie Day. You go out and eat pie. I understand National Pretzel Day. You go out and eat a pretzel. Today (February 2nd) is Groundhog Day. So, what are we supposed to do? Go out and eat sausage? Grind up a hog?

 * * * * *

This one really confuses me. A female activist recently implied that a famous movie producer must be a racist because he only molested white women. Excuse me? Is your view of diversity so insane that you believe the world would be a better place if he molested women of many different races? Has political correctness gone that stupidly far?

  * * * * *

DACA, the “Dreamers” act, has become a political bargaining chip. Perhaps, like me, you are a bit confused by the program. One’s reality seems to depend on which version of truth a particular media outlet dispenses. I don’t know what the acronym stands for but, I’ve guessed at a couple of possible meanings. Depending on your ideology, you may smile at one and be angered by the other…

  • DACA: Deport All Criminal Aliens
  • DACA: Defend All Criminal Aliens
  * * * * *

Please do not call me a racist just because you disagree with me. Do you really have to be mean-spirited and disgusting in order to get elected?

Just for the record: I am generally okay with deporting anyone who is illegally living in the United States. As far as I am concerned, you may start with blue-eyed blondes.

It has never been about melanin.

* * * * *

The “big game” is this weekend. I don’t understand why but, we’re not supposed to use the real name of the event. However, if you can “read between the lines”, you’ll know what game I’m talking about.


Super Bowl

Soccer, Rugby, and American football are all descended from episkyros, an ancient Greek team sport which was being played at least several hundred years before Christ. This is a true thing.

A football is called a “pigskin” because, before Mr. Goodyear invented vulcanized rubber in the 1800s, footballs were actually inflated pig bladders. This is also a true thing. However, there is no historical record of anyone ever saying, “Hey, let’s go outside and toss the pig bladder around.”

I don’t even want to imagine how they repaired pig bladders that sprung a leak.

For more than a hundred years now, American footballs have had a rubber bladder inside, covered with leather on the outside. Today, pigskin is used primarily to hold a pig together.

* * * * *


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