Logic, Lies & Loonies

I’m not even taking sides on this. We’re just supposin’ here, so please don’t go all apoplectic on me . . .

Let’s suppose President Obama witnesses a murder committed by the Republican governors of three states. Mr. Obama publicly comments on the crime, rightly saying, “The actions of those governors are disgusting and offensive.”

The Republican Party does not condemn the actions of their three governors. Instead, the Republican Party and the mainstream media join forces to repeatedly condemn Mr. Obama for being a racist and a misogynist. Because each of those murderous governors just happens to be a white woman.

Republicans and mainstream media totally ignore reporting the crimes and, instead, continually report the possibility that President Obama is a racist.

Instead of referring to the perps as murderers, the Republican party and mainstream media always refer to them merely as three white women. Or, perhaps, three women of non-color. So, how would you react to that?

Shalom Y’all.

* * * * *


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