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            As I wrote, researched and edited this post over the past few days, I saved the doc with the working title, “my next blog post”. Now, I really, truly, cannot think of a title for this post. So it remains just… My Next Blog Post. Please try to enjoy it, anyway. Oops.

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            Here’s a great quote about the forthcoming COVID 19 vaccine . . .

“The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe. If they don’t, then the country is safe.”

—Monika Wiśniewska

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        Last weekend, I spent a lot of time researching our family tree. I found out that I’m the sap.

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            Kevin Oxley (The Ox Man) who is the star of my novel, WILD BLUE: Saving the World with Duct Tape and WD-40 likes to make homemade bumper stickers. He just shared his latest with me:

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            Not long ago, I had a delightful conversation with Dr. George Flinn Jr. who, at the time, was a Tennessee republican candidate for Senator. I really enjoyed our discussion and completely agreed with what he had to say regarding illegal immigration: “We need to end universal birthright citizenship. Persons who enter this country illegally should not be able to bestow upon their children born here, U.S. Citizenship. And, the ability of persons traveling to the U.S. for the sole purpose of giving birth here in order to gain citizenship for their off-spring needs to be stopped.”

            To which I replied, “Amen, brother!”

            Somehow, George and I started talking about Hawaii. He’s never been there, so I told him Hawaii is absolutely beautiful. Like Tennessee, but with an ocean and palm trees. As far as I’m concerned, the Big Island is paradise on earth. Fact is, my wife and I will be making a permanent move to the Big Island of Hawaii in about a year. Aloha y’all!

            In the late 19th century, when sugar cane plantations were the prominent Big Island industry, a problem developed with all those fast-breeding rats that jumped ship in various harbors. So, we clever humans decided to import from India, a critter called a mongoose. Because mongooses (mongeese?) kill rats. Problem solved? Hah!

            If decisions had been made based on facts and reality, somebody would have discovered that mongooses work all day and sleep all night. The rats, however, sleep all day and work all night. The Big Island ended up with a ton of rats and a ton of mongooses who have still never met each other.

            Which leads me to this question: Why is “unaffordable housing” considered such a problem that California’s radical liberal left “leaders” believe they must spend zillions of taxpayer dollars to build “affordable housing”? I’ll answer that question for you . . .

            This is a scam (“affordable housing”) that enriches builders, developers, and radical liberal politicians. Please consider this: personally, I can’t afford housing in Los Angeles. So I moved out of Los Angeles. Problem solved. Hey politicians… see how simple that is? And it doesn’t cost taxpayers anything!

            If you can’t afford to live in Beverly Hills, should Beverly Hills be forced to build a cheap apartment for you? That makes no sense at all. Except in a communist country where everybody can have their own dank hole of a home provided by their radical left leaders (who live in luxury).

            In reality, so-called “affordable housing” is an automatically self-correcting issue… if politicians will just get out of the way. In the real world, if people can’t afford to live in a place, they leave that place and move to where they can afford to live. When people move out of an area, that means there are fewer workers, renters, and buyers in that market. As a result, wages will go up in order to attract new workers, and/or housing costs will go down in order to attract customers. This is extremely simple supply and demand in a free market. Things like this take care of themselves unless fools rush in with emotions and idiotology larger than their IQs.

            A major reason for “affordable housing” of course, is the left-wing desire to  provide everything free for illegals—including the right to vote (for liberal politicians). Los Angeles has a million illegal aliens, many of whom who are uneducated, unskilled, and don’t speak English. Mr. Garcetti (Los Angeles Mayor) can you not envision any possible connection between those million people and the fact that they cannot afford housing in your city?

            When a “fabricated need” is artificially propped up by ego-centric sloth-thinking politicians, it never ends well. But sometimes liberal leftist rats can make a lot money under the cover of political darkness.

            Meanwhile, us mongooses must continue working all day. And only sleeping at night where we can actually afford to live.

* * * * *

Dear Uncle Earl . . . This is your cousin Elmer from Blythe. I’m in San Francisco right now. Oh, don’t worry about me. It is still safe to walk on San Francisco sidewalks (if you step very carefully and wear galoshes). Anyway, here’s my question: Why do seagulls fly over the sea?

UNK: Because if they flew over the bay, they’d be bagels.

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           My friend Mark Alan Leslie is a great writer. He’s had many novels published, but his latest is out of the park. It’s almost prophetic. He wrote about things now happening in our country BEFORE they happened! Here’s a couple of quotes from the official press release:

            “With the world in turmoil and diabolical global forces at work politically, socially, economically and theologically … The Alliance, an amalgam of society’s most ardent social-justice activists and socialists, are blowing up religious statues and rioting in the streets…” In another current headline seemingly ripped from the book, the United Arab Emirates has unveiled plans for an interfaith complex called the Abrahamic Family House which has an astounding resemblance to the “Church Universal” which combines the three major religions in Torn Asunder.

            Let me say it again… he wrote this book before it happened! Torn Asunder is now available on Kindle and through BUT… you can win a copy, autographed, and sent to you by the author, Mark Alan Leslie (who, by the way, is a really nice guy). Yep it’s another one of Uncle Earl’s old rock ‘n’ roll trivia contests. The winner will be the first person to email me the correct answer to the question below. (Anyone who has won one of my contests within the past 12 months, is ineligible). Here’s the question:

Who had bells on her toes and a bone in her nose ho ho?

Email your answer only to

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            Speaking of Hawaii… I accidentally stumbled cross the below a few days ago. I like it!

The mission of the Republican Party of Hawaii is to create a better Hawaii with a viable two-party system and electing Republicans to all offices. As the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and Hawaii’s own Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana’ole, Hawaii Republicans seek to unite people around a set of commonly held ideals and not divide them according to their differences. Our vision is to perpetuate the beauty, people and culture of Hawaii by applying the L.L.I.F.E. values of:


Limited Government

Individual Responsibility

Fiscal Accountability

Equality of Opportunity

* * * * *

—Ka hopena—

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