Out of the Bag

Most Democrats—including every single one I’ve personally known in my entire life—are really good people. They have, sadly, (and frighteningly) been abandoned by the current crop of radical left-wing communist Democrat leaders. Now the Commie Cat is out of the bag. We are all seeing—up close and personal—what the radical liberal left Democrat leaders have in store for our country.

            History, truth, facts, and reality prove that communism, at anytime, anywhere in the world, has been a failure. The only people who do well under communism are the ruthless, Godless, brutal communist leaders. Ordinary, everyday people living under communism live in freedom-less poverty. Only a brain-washed fool believes the mainstream media propaganda that this “new” better American version of communism will result in the idealism which Democrat party members have rightly hoped for, for so long.

            If Democrat party members can put their political ideology aside long enough to review reality, they will recognize that those cities and states ruled by radical liberal left communist Democrat “leaders” are the states and cities with the highest crime and poorest living conditions… especially for blacks. The only time in fifty years that life has improved for people of color in these stinking liberal-controlled disaster zones (Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, etc.) has been when President Trump lowered taxes and brought back all those jobs Obama, Biden & Company said were gone forever. Mr. Trump’s policies gave the United States the lowest unemployment rates in history.

            Not the good, normal, ordinary, everyday Democrat party members, but the current crop of Democrat Party radical liberal communist “leaders” believe in and support:

  • Lies
  • Hypocrisy
  • Brute force
  • Antisemitism
  • Iran as an ally
  • Ignoring the law
  • Ignoring the constitution
  • Allowing illegal aliens to vote
  • Releasing prisoners from jails
  • Eliminating police departments
  • Criminals pretending to be protestors
  • Propaganda poorly disguised as news

            If you are a normal, good, wholesome, critically thinking Democrat who does not support your bosses’ realities presented above, then you haven’t abandoned the Democrat Party . . . it has abandoned you. If so, then it’s time to set aside an ideology which raises up those radicalized Democrat Communist party “leaders” above truth, facts, reality, and justice.      

            What’s that you say? Trump is vain and egotistical?

            So what?

            On the other hand, if what you’re currently seeing and experiencing in our country is a good fit for you, please do join the Democrat Communist Party right now. Just call: 1-800-ANARCHY.

            Once you join the party, please vote in each upcoming election many times, even if you’re dead. It’s the Democrat Communist way. Oh but… be certain you always vote for your friendly neighborhood peaceful protest leader. You know… the guy with the AK-47 hanging around his neck. Yeah, that one. The one wearing the Fidel Castro T-shirt. Always remember, if you don’t vote for him, he has the right to shoot you. Unfortunately, your family won’t be able to call the police for help.

Maybe you could call Antifa: 1-800-TERRORIST.

* * * * *


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