Say Goodbye Now

            Rocker Bruce Springsteen says he will move to Australia if President Donald Trump is re-elected. Mr. Springsteen, your announcement is puzzling to me… why do you think anyone cares where you live?

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Dear Uncle Earl… How many radical liberal politicians in Chicago does it take to change a lightbulb?

Unk: Three. One to change the bulb, one to be a witness, and one to shoot the witness.

Dear Uncle Earl… How many radical liberals does it take to create a new federal law which requires mandatory compliance in spite of it being unconstitutional?

Unk: Only one, if he’s a liberal judge.

Dear Uncle Earl… Politically speaking, what is Déjà moo?

Unk: the feeling that you’ve heard the same bull before.

* * * * *

Be Certain to Vote For Our Socialists!

            Just in case you don’t yet understand how great it will be to elect a Socialist President (Joe) and Communist Vice-President (Kamala) and have them bring in their comrades (Bernie, et al.) to run our country the way they want without regard to our laws and constitution, please read the true story (below) of Venezuela, the former third richest country in the Hemisphere.

            Wow! See what they accomplished in just one generation . . .

A Brief History of Venezuela

  • 2001: Citizens elect Socialists promising “income equality” by government confiscation of private property and industry.
  • 2004: Private healthcare becomes socialized medicine
  • 2009: Private ownership of guns is banned
  • 2012: Bernie Sanders praises their version of the “American Dream”
  • 2014: Non-socialist political opponents are imprisoned
  • 2016: Ongoing food, water, healthcare, oil, and electricity shortages
  • 2017: The constitution and free elections are eliminated
  • 2019: Citizens (without guns) are massacred by their government
  • 2020: The former rich thriving country is now poor and facing civil war

=== Venezuela’s socialist dictators, of course, live in luxury ===

* * * * *

            Hey, boys and girls, this is what you apparently were not taught by your liberal High School teachers and/or liberal College professors:

  1. The Nazi Party was socialist.
  2. The Communist Party was socialist.
  3. Virtually all U.S. Democrat Party leaders are socialist.

            The first thing socialist leaders do when they attempt to take over a country is control the media.

            The second thing socialist leaders do when they attempt to take over a country is eliminate gun ownership.

            The third thing socialist leaders do when they attempt to take over a country is imprison opposition leaders.

[NOTE: Instead of imprisonment, socialists frequently murder political

opponents because that is a quicker solution for a socialist dictator.]

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The Truth About Gun Owners:

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            Kevin Oxley, the hero of my funny conservative novel WILD BLUE: Saving the World with Duct Tape and WD-40 (please purchase at likes making homemade bumper stickers. He just sent me his newest:

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