Quite a few UERT subscribers have written asking why I haven’t had any political jokes in my post for the past few weeks. The answer is simple. In this time of national medical concern, I decided not to mention any political jokes until we get through all this. Oh, and there is one other factor. I live in California and I certainly don’t wish to publicize political jokes here in California because in California, political jokes get elected.

* * * * *

            Don’t know about your state, but in California everyone must wear a mask whenever they leave their home. Just in case I am being monitored by the shelter-in-place police, I’m including this snapshot (below) of me wearing my mask.

* * * * *

            You may recall the blog post from a couple of weeks ago titled, Our Veterinarian. She (our vet) solved the problem I had with touching my face throughout the day. She merely prescribed a big dog cone that I wore around my head for about a week. When that ordeal ended, I was interviewed by a radio talk host here in Southern California. While on the air live, he asked if the cone had solved my problem.

            I said, “Absolutely. I no longer touch my face at all.”

            He said, “That’s fantastic. Congratulations.”

            “Well, thank you,” I replied. “I am proud of that accomplishment. But… I still really miss picking my nose.”

            He hasn’t invited me back for another interview.

* * * * *

            Oops. Hold on. I gotta take this call . . . Yeah? Really? Well, okay.

            That was the producer of this blog post. He said he’s received lots of emails asking to see a close up of my antivirus mask. Here ya go . . .

* * * * *

            Lots of folks have been buying my just released novel WILD BLUE: Saving the World with Duct Tape and WD-40. Thank you! If you’re interested in hunkering down with a good book while sheltering in place (hey you can only watch so much TV and build so many puzzles) please give my novel a try.

            You’ll laugh out loud while trying to figure out who the real bad guys are. You can find Wild Blue on by clicking on this advertisement:

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AND FINALLY . . . a lot of readers have written asking how they can post a Wild Blue review on Amazon. Thank you again! Here is my totally biased guideline:

7 (the perfect number) Steps to Posting a Book Review on

1. Log in to your Amazon account and go to the page for Wild Blue by Earl Trout

3. Select the book format you purchased

3. Scroll to “Customer Reviews”

4. Click on the “Write a review” button

5. Click on the number of stars you wish to give the book. Your gray stars will turn blue. (That sounds like a country song title!) Five stars = I love it. Four stars = I like it. Three stars = Uncle Earl turns blue.

6. You may write or paste a review in the text box which appears below the stars. You may also add a headline if you wish.

7. Click the “Submit” button. You’re all done and your Uncle Earl is incredibly grateful. THANK YOU!

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