Summer Vacation 2020

We decided on Portland for our summer vacation

            Our hotel was right next door to the P.P.D. station

We wanted to be where those peaceful protestors were found

            But, unfortunately, they just burned everything down


So we headed much farther north to peaceful Seattle

            But that beautiful city looked like a field of battle

No help was offered from the police, Mayor, or above

            And the lying fake news just called it “A Summer Of Love”


Minneapolis, that violent city by the lakes

            Filled much of their summer with sadness and senseless heartaches

We learned of phony human rights groups while summer was young

            They all wanna be Joe Stalin or maybe Mousy Tongue


Sanctuary city L.A. just defied common sense

            A million illegals live there at citizen expense

The Mayor won’t stop anyone who riots, burns, and loots

            Human excrement on sidewalks had us all wearing boots


“Did you like our Chicagoland visit?” I asked my son.

            “No daddy… only bad guys are allowed to have a gun.”

I think their radical left leaders fell off the deep end

            Because they still set murder records every weekend


Our last hope for a vacation was down in Atlanta

            The anarchy was so fierce I bought stock in Mylanta

We all wore a facemask to avoid being criticized

            But laws change each hour when a disease is politicized


Pulling down statues got fake human rights groups excited

            They are domestic terrorists who should be indicted

They don’t know history and they get paid to start trouble

            Because all of them live in their sick communist bubble


Praying for comfort and peace back in Washington, D.C.

            We found radical liberals setting criminals free

Just another plundered city filled with drugs, thugs, and rats

            And every one of those cities is ruled by Demoncrats


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