In my last blog post (which was titled “My Next Blog Post”) I mentioned my wife and I will be moving to the Big Island of Hawaii about this time next year. We are really looking forward to it and, in fact, I’ve already started a company that will deliver frozen water by hang glider to the City of Hilo. We’ve started construction of a launch pad up on the mountain. You should see it. It’s a site for soar ice.

* * * * *

            Well now… ya know… come to think of it… I may be remembering the wrong side of the Big Island. I think  our business will actually be on the Kona side, above Kailua. Sorry about that. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had amnesia.

            Yes… I get confused quite easily. Probably ‘cause I’m from the little isolated California desert farm town of Blythe. On my birth certificate it says, “This mind intentionally left blank.”

            If brains were taxed, I’d get a rebate.

* * * * *

            The main protagonist in my novel, WILD BLUE: Saving the World with Duct Tape and WD-40 is a goof-off electronic genius named Kevin Oxley. Kev likes to create homemade bumper stickers and he just sent me his latest:

* * * * *

Dear Uncle Earl… What do you call an Arab dairy farmer?

Unk: That would be a milk sheikh.

* * * * *

Surprise! We’re Back!
            You may be aware that the first edition of WILD BLUE has been out of print for a couple of months while being retooled. But Kevin Oxley, Theophilus Spivak, and Dr. Francis Noah Weksler are now back on the book shelf with a bigger, better, and funner second edition!
            This will be the funniest conservative book you’ll ever read. And the funniest romance you’ll ever read. And, for that matter, the funniest Christian book you’ll ever read. Well, shucky-darns… it just may flat-out be the funniest book you’ve ever read. Or not.
            I humbly suggest you stock up now for Christmas presents. Or Thanksgiving presents. Or Ground Hog Day presents. Or for no reason other than to hear yourself laugh.
            A click on the book cover art below will take you to Amazon for the Kindle ebook.
            A click on the serene lake scene will take you to the Amazon paperback version.

NOTE: In both cases, please be sure to scroll down and take
a look at the editorial reviews and the definitely not serene
but, perhaps, mildly disturbing video.

Uncle Earl at Serene Lake


P.S.–I would really appreciate it if you would buy my novel, read it, love it, and then give it a great rating on Their rating scale is one to five stars, with five being the best. I would like a ten, please.
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