The Eagle has Landed!

Whew! I come from the world of radio broadcasting, where, if someone says, “this must be on the air in five minutes,” we write it, produce it, and get it on the air in four minutes. To my (uneducated) surprise, the publishing world runs at a different pace. The literary agent sold my tecno-thriller/romantic comedy novel in July, 2019. Now—quick as a wink—here it is already published in March of 2020. Enjoy!

A CLICK on the picture ABOVE takes you to the official author video.

A CLICK on the picture BELOW takes you to the Amazon author page.

PLEASE NOTE: By purchasing at least three hundred copies of this book for each of your friends and family members, you will be contributing to the Uncle Earl Retirement Fund. Thank you.

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In closing… thank you for the great response to WILD BLUE we’ve already seen. May I please ask a favor? it would be truly wonderful if you would be so kind as to share the YouTube video (above) with everyone you can… in order to give it a chance to go viral. I thank you so very much!

Oh, and one more favor, please . . . if everyone bought the book during this same week (between now and 8:30 p.m.Saturday, March 21) we would have an actual shot at a best seller! Thank you, again. Blessings!

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