The Silly Season

A priest got married. Some of the nuns thought it was romantic and exciting. Many nuns were horrified and angry. They all began to fight. The priest brought in his wife to calm things down but, that only made it worse. With my apology to Sean Connery’s character in The Untouchables, “That’s really stupid … bringing a wife to a nunfight.”

* * * * *

     During the last few weeks before the annual NASCAR championship is decided, drivers, pit crews, and team owners all get a little crazy as they sort out who will have a job, or a car, or even a team, for the next year. They call it the Silly Season.

The bible describes the approaching end of the world as a time when right will be wrong and wrong will be right.

Aside from its beautiful Academy-nominated theme song, all I remember about the 1962 Italian movie, Mondo Cane, is that its title loosely translates as A World Gone to the Dogs.

Our country seems to be trapped in a never-ending Silly Season. Or Mondo Cane. Or, perhaps, we needn’t worry about any of it because it’s merely the end of the world.

* * * * *

     People everywhere are acting crazy. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re acting.

Come to think of it, many of those crazy people actually are actors.

I’m told that about eighty percent of Hollywood professionals self-identify as liberal. That appears to be one of the two requirements for employment in Hollywood. The other requirement for Hollywood employment (at least, for upper management) is abusing women.

If Washington D.C. is the swamp, then Hollywood is the cesspool.

* * * * *

     What truly caught me by surprise is that many of the same Hollywood folks who publicly champion women’s rights have been—for years—hiding their personal knowledge of the guilty. Many entertainers got paid to suppress that knowledge. I guess in their world, getting paid made it okay. Because they are trained professionals.

If the town ever gets a big-time sports franchise, the team should be named the Hollywood Hypocrites.

* * * * *

     The current Hollywood and Congress combined abuse score is: Liberals 13 — Conservatives 4. It doesn’t matter to me who wins this contest of the deplorables. A sleazy conservative and a sleazy liberal are equally sleazy. In my book, their politics don’t get them off the hook.

Oops. There goes my movie deal.

* * * * *

     We all recently learned that congress has paid out more than 17 million dollars to secretly settle their own sexual harassment and discrimination claims.

Just another example of your … wait a minute. Just seventeen million examples of your tax dollars at work.

* * * * *

     Okay, I admit to pretty much being raised as a country bumpkin so, please forgive my naiveté as I ask the following questions:

  1. If it is okay to expose and condemn an entertainer (a private citizen) for using his own money to pay off an accuser, why isn’t it okay to expose and condemn congressmen and federal employees who use tax money to pay off their accusers?
  2. Who came up with the idea to create this federal “hush money” process, and how quickly can they be removed from office?
  3. Federal spending is controlled by the House, so when will every congressperson who voted for the “hush money” program be revealed and removed from office?
  4. When will female members of congress explain why they thought federal “hush money” to protect abusers of women was a good idea?
  5. When will every elected official and federal employee who used the “hush money” to cover-up their own misconduct be publicly identified, and then fired?
  6. If congress is willing to shut down the country over paying the personal bills of 800,000 illegal immigrants, why doesn’t congress shut down the country over paying millions in hush money for themselves?

Mondo Cane, indeed.

* * * * *

     I did a lot of research so I could write a book about the differences between criminals and politicians but, I found out there are no differences.

* * * * *


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