Dear Uncle Earl . . . What do Winnie the Pooh, Smokey the Bear, and John the Baptist, all have in common?

Unk: Their middle name.

Dear Uncle Earl . . . What do you call a lying politician?

Unk: Normal

Dear Uncle Earl . . . What’s red and bad for your teeth?

Unk: A brick.

* * * * *

            In my last blog post I described my personal experience of voting in the Presidential election. A couple of readers took umbrage at that, accusing me of fanning the flames of citizen discontent.

            All I did was report the truth exactly as I experienced it. If you wish to jump to your own radlib conclusion, feel free to do so. But, that doesn’t stop truth from being truth.

            While you rant about those dang constitutionalists, please keep this in mind: If many, many millions of citizens believed Republicans stole an election through fraud and corruption, I would be first in line to insist that every accusation against those Republicans be investigated thoroughly and transparently. Our mutual goal being to prove whether there was or wasn’t corruption. Doing such would eliminate long-lived animosity and residual false beliefs.

            If election fraud allegations against Republicans proved to be true, I would be first in line to condemn the guilty Republican operatives and insist they be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I don’t understand why radical left leadership doesn’t have these same feelings and opinions.

            Powerful, extremely partisan party folks—judges, governors, county officials, etc. (from either party)—simply ignoring citizen concerns and moving on with their “business as usual” is very disturbing. In this case, powerful, extremely partisan Democrat party folks did just that. As an American who absolutely believes in truth, justice, and fair play… I am deeply disappointed. This is America for God’s sake, not Venezuela!

            If, following exhaustive and transparent investigation, Mr. Biden was shown to have won fair and square then I would absolutely support him as my President. Though I might disagree with some of his opinions and decisions, I would still be the loyal opposition.

            I cannot fathom what kind of person doesn’t want truth to be revealed regardless of who that truth favors.

* * * * *

Signs of The Times . . .

* * * * *


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