What I Learned on My Summer Vacation – Part 3

          In North Carolina I learned that moonshine ain’t bad. Seriously. We spent the Fourth of July with distant family deep in forested hills where all the distant neighbors still have a still. I’m not even a drinker, but it felt necessary for us Yanks (my wife and I) to partake at least a wee bit. I admit to being concerned. I asked cousin Leeroy, “This isn’t going to make us go blind, is it?” He answered, “Probably not. But y’all could just drink ‘til ya need glasses.”


          Oh, and by the way, we were very polite guests at that backwoods party. We even brought along a bag of ruckus food because we knew cousin Leeroy was raising a ruckus

* * * * *


            Bootleggers were successful early NASCAR drivers. Their superb driving and mechanical skills came from outrunning feds on dirt back roads. Hall of Fame driver Junior Johnson once said, “I was hauling booze quite a bit when I was 12.”  Junior and many more are honored at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina. My wife and I are NASCAR nuts so, we loved it. Even if you’re not a NASCAR fan, give it a shot. It’s great entertainment for your whole clan. And, by the way, I qualified with a great lap time of thirty-two-seconds on my first attempt in the racing simulator. This is a true thing. I’ve loved stock-car racing since I was a child and, many years ago, I won an L.A. radio DJ go-kart championship. Now I know for certain I missed my calling in life. I should have been a moonshiner.

* * * * *

          As I mentioned in the previous post, the Carolinas have a lot of entertaining billboards. Many of them are religious in nature. A couple of my favs:

Honk If You Love Jesus.

Text While Driving If You Want To Meet Him

            * * * * *

Whoever Stole The Church Air Conditioners,

Please Return Them. But Keep One For Yourself.

It’s Hot Where You’re Going.

* * * * *

          We listened to a lot of country music while driving through the South. My all-time favorite country song is Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett. He must have made a lot of money from that song because everywhere we drove, we saw restaurants apparently owned by his family. I assume his sister’s name is Asia, and his brothers must have the unusual cowboy names of Hometown and Golden Corral.

* * * * *

          In Virginia, we visited a dairy farm where the storage tank (below) made me smile. Based on the sign, I assume this tank held milk for baby bottles.

* * * * *


          Driving from Savannah to Appomattox, I learned that gasoline in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia doesn’t cost much. Where we live in California, oil fields and refineries are only sixty miles away, yet our gasoline is $1.40 more per gallon than anywhere in the Southeast. That’s about $20 more per fill-up!

          You might ask, “Why is California gasoline so expensive?” I’ll answer that for you. California puts exorbitant taxes on everything. One of our gasoline taxes is actually a tax on the federal gas tax. Illegal, but true. You see, Cali is a sanctuary state and it must confiscate more than $30 Billion per year from California citizens to take care of California’s four-million illegal aliens. Why does the California legislature not see anything wrong with this? Tanks a lot.

* * * * *


One could spend all day viewing, reading, and learning at this emotional place in Appomattox, Virginia. Even if you only have a couple of hours to spare, spending them here will change your life.

This is where I learned that southern Democrats had more money invested in slaves ($3 Billion) than the entire United States of America had invested in railroads ($1.166 Billion), manufacturing ($1.05 Billion), and banks ($227 Million) combined.

I also learned that only 25% of southern white families owned slaves. But, 100% of slave owners were Democrats. Poor southern men fought the civil war for the benefit of rich southern men. On the other side, 400,000 Republican volunteers were killed fighting to free slaves. After the civil war ended, the Democrat party continued fighting against African-American civil rights for another hundred years.

As a result of what I learned at the Civil War Museum . . . if reparations are going to happen, the process must be logical and fair. Here’s how to accomplish that: about 25% of today’s Democrats are descendants of slave owners. Those Civil War slave owners (Democrats) were citizens of the Confederate States of America, not the United States America. So they, logically, are the ones who should pay reparations. Can’t wait to hear the Democratic debate on this one!

* * * * *

In closing . . . remember that your local schools may be back in session. Please be very cautious around children. Especially the ones driving cars.

* * * * *

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