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I’ve received quite a number of email messages asking for details about my forthcoming novel, Wild Blue: Saving the World with Duct Tape and WD-40. Thank you for that.

Below are a few “previews”, along with information about beta readers. Wild Blue should be published by the end of 2018, hopefully in time for your Christmas shopping.

* * * * *

Below is an excerpt from a scene just before lead protagonist, Kevin Oxley, is taken captive by a terrorist group known as the S.O.L.

Kev happily held and sniffed the two hot and suitably greasy pizza boxes as the well-tipped high school delivery boy drove away in his unfinished rat rod. Ox gave him a twenty-dollar tip to assist with his cool project car, a rust-color, chopped and channeled 1926 Essex two-door sedan proudly wearing a Chevy 409. Like car guys everywhere, Kev wanted his passion for automobiles to get passed along to younger generations. He stood in place watching the rod rumble away and reverently whispered, “Praise the lowered.”

* * * * *

Although a novel, Wild Blue feels like a “buddy movie”. Below is an excerpt from a scene in which Dr. Weksler, Kevin Oxley, and Theophilus Spivak get to know each other during late-night SpaghettiOs in Dr. Wexler’s run-down, single-wide house trailer. Theo is speaking.

“And they certainly are not here as political refugees because both Mexico and the United States have the same kind of government. Both of our countries are democracies in which the people get to vote for their favorite corrupt politician.”

* * * * *

Below is an excerpt from when they are captured by Professor Pul, psychotic leader of the S.O.L.

Dr. Weksler crossed his arms, swiveled his chair to face us, and shook his head. His back to Professor Pul, he never saw the blow coming.

“Very well then,” Pul said. He grabbed the huge pipe wrench handle with both hands and reared back like a vicious king of home run hitters with Dr. Weksler’s skull as his baseball.

Kevin stood up, knocking his chair over, shouting, “Pul. No!”

I closed my eyes.

* * * * *

Here’s the teaser “hook” that (as of now, at least) will appear on the book front cover:

The square cloud, the portable tornado, and the pirate have been captured by a bungling, psychotic, religious cult that wants to destroy Los Angeles. God help us. Warning: This book is for those who enjoy laughing in the face of danger.

* * * * *

And, here’s the “synopsis” that (as of now, at least) will appear on the back cover:

It is spring, 2003, in Pasadena, California and the world of digital technology is exploding. For Theophilus Spivak, some of it explodes right in front of him. The Channel Eight tower blows up during The Pirate’s bootleg TV broadcast. Theo and his rocket scientist friend, Kevin Oxley, are prime suspects.

Theo, Kevin, and their boss, Dr. Francis Weksler (the man who created stealth airplane technology) accidentally invent a device that controls weather. When they fly a tornado as if it were a radio-controlled drone, a bumbling pseudo-religious cult imprisons them and demands weaponized weather. Coerced into creating a force that will destroy Los Angeles, Theo and his colleagues must decide whether to save themselves… or the world.

With audacious creativity, this high-tech, high-tension adventure reveals things never seen from a Hollywood tour bus: horse lips, robotic lizards, a teardrop tattoo, the shoe-tree, flaming zeros, exploding machine guns, a miracle, and a man-eating Rexlithar.

Funny and full of surprise, Wild Blue is flank-speed clean entertainment with an occasional conservative jab at society. You’ll smile warmly at the clumsy romance. You’ll ponder startling facts. And you will laugh out loud. But if being “politically correct” is important to you, don’t even get on the bus.

* * * * *

My literary agent recently requested that I edit out 23,000 words from the manuscript, without changing the story. (I viewed it a deleterious task because, like most writers, I believe every word I write is precious.) But, he has been proven correct. The revised manuscript, which will be completed in about another month, is tighter, brighter, funnier, and more compelling. Thank you, Bob!

                * * * * *

Wanna volunteer? In about a month or so, I will need three beta readers whose job is to read the revised manuscript and provide their feedback, prior to the manuscript going to the editor.

FYI… Our target audience is a 40-60-year-old male who loves to read action-adventure techno-thriller novels with a bit of humor. The “B Story” in Wild Blue is a romantic comedy. The novel also has a subtle conservative Christian message. One reviewer referred to the story as Romancing the Stone meets Back to the Future.

If you think you might be a good fit as a beta reader, please let me know via email. But, of course, you will still be expected to buy multiple copies of the book for everyone on your Christmas list.

* * * * *

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